Untitled, 17 second excerpt of 2 minute single channel HD video, silent, 2014

the code, 1:48, single channel HD video, stereo, 2007

OUT THE WINDOW, 4:50, single channel video, stereo, 2005

Collaborative video with David Ireland

Leland Stanford Jr.'s death mask, 2:07, single channel video, stereo, 2004

King Kong, 0:37 loop, single channel video, stereo, 2005

afternoon, 2:27 loop, single channel video, stereo, 2004

tina, lights on & hair, 3:25, single channel video, stereo, 2003

State of the Union 2003, 4:26, documentation of distorted real-time projection of 2003 speech

In 2003 I distorted and projected the televised image of the State of the Union speech in real-time from a Shell gas station onto an adjacent building at the corner of Market and Sanchez streets. The audio was amplified but unaltered. About 170people gathered to watch the projection. Using extreme and shifting camera angles to underscore bias in political coverage and media constructions, the event looped back in on itself as it was covered on Channel 5 Eyewitness News, KRON 4 News, and CNN News.

In 2005 I projected the speech above a Union 76 gas station directly across the San Francisco Mint Facility, and in 2006 I returned to the corner of Market and Sanchez for a similar project, and added Sick puppy as a secondary projection.

State of the Union 2002, 4:14, exploration that led to the State of the Union 2003 project

on mediation, 0:47, single channel video, stereo, 2002

showtime, 1:00 loop, single channel video, silent, 2001, re-edited 2014

cycle, 1:27, single channel video, stereo, 2002

cycle extended, 3:06, single channel video, stereo, 2002

still life, 3:06, single channel video, stereo, 2001

paularino, 0:07 loop, single channel video, stereo, 2000

transfer, 3:56, single channel video, stereo, 2000